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Kreitmaker works with some of the best suppliers from around the world and pass that quality, style and reliability on to you. This year we have brought in a number of new collections from around the world that is exclusive to kreitmaker, lines that would give that new retail store, commercial or that new home design something different and exciting.


King Klinker is one of the most advanced thin brick producers in the world, with its state-of-the-art thin brick facility, it manufactures thin bricks with innovation modern designs, colors and textures. You can choose from 3 authentic thin brick collections, Ultra Premium, Glazed and King and Modular. The Ultra Premium collection features impressive thin bricks that is like no other. The imperial size thin brick is defined by its long thin size and impressive colors selection, it saves on time and labor cost.


With all the various sizes of brick currently being used in the Ontario market, it has become very difficult for architects, designers and masonry restoration specialists to source the right bricks for their projects. There are only two local manufacturers who make Ontario size brick 8-3/8" x 2-1/2"(2-3/8") x 4" and their selection is constrained to a dozen different colours and textures. This leads to architects and contractors spending days in a vain attempt to match an existing brick for an addition or a retrofit project. So, we are pleased to announce that we have available in Ontario size a selection of over 350 different bricks exclusive to kreitmaker and Vintage Brick, making available virtually every texture and colour that has ever been made. These bricks are manufactured to the highest standard by Ibstock Brick, the largest brick manufacturer in the United Kingdom. To learn how to find the perfect brick for your next restoration project, contact us online or direct.

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Mora produces one of the best white, grey and black bricks all over the world. All our range of colors are available with unique- smooth textures and has become one of most requested bricks by architects and designers.


Architectures have ask for the need of a brick that is modern but has emotion, timeless but unique and S.Anselmo has done just that with it’s four collection, “Smoke Bricks” a clay facing brick with coloured body and shades of grey, “Corso” a long format brick, “Make” a new product line that is aimed at satisfying alternative designs and their now their newest collection “Glazed Brick” which is elegance but has attitude.


Speedymason is a lath system for installing thin masonry or stone on residential and commercial remodeling and new construction projects. Speedymason Brick Lath can be used for interior and exterior thin brick applications. Speedymason is constructed of high grade fiber composite material to provide durability and strength along with water resistant qualities.


Marmiro Stones carefully extracts nature’s creation, manufacturing the highest quality of Pavers, Veneers, Classic Mosaics and Concrete Tiles that are timeless, tradition and beautiful.

For your next design or project, interior or exterior we would love to be apart of it with these exclusive collections from around the world. Please give us a call or come visit our showroom.



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